Class Size

We emphasize on personal attention to each of our students and elimination of after class supervised tuition. In order to meet that goal we have maintained a low teacher to student ratio.

Grading System

We put equal importance on academic examinations and individual and group projects, presentations and participation in class. We apply the British examination structure and our grading system is also based on the Cambridge university examinations.

Subject Teaching

We provide subject specialists in primary, secondary and O’ levels this allows the teachers to focus on each subject individually and thus deliver high quality teaching in their area of specialty.

Our Curriculum

Our aim is to ensure that students receive utmost attention in every aspect of their personal and academic life and hence are best equipped to realize their full potential.

The curriculum is designed and customized to cater to the specific needs of the school. Professional curriculum writers, with international experience, have shaped up our global academic outlook. The outcome is a carefully calculated blend of most modern educational approaches that is moulded into the British academic system.

We go one step further in offering project based studies in order to make learning process natural and stress free. We try to facilitate the development of real skills among our students instead of spoon-feeding dry theoretical facts.

Text books

We partner with global publishing leaders in setting up a package of textbooks for all school levels. We will soon be publishing and printing our own in-house teaching manuals and workbooks under the PICAS Pakistan school brand name for exclusive use in our institution.

We go beyond relying on text information in delivering knowledge. We use hands-on techniques along with project based activities that require the involvement of our talented teachers and students.

Our Faculty

We apply highest criteria in selecting teachers. Our academic body consists of renowned lecturers with impeccable reputation in their respective fields and a new breed of young and dynamic teachers. We employ a number of aspiring teachers as teaching assistants in order to nurture a trained faculty that will effectively respond to our high standards in academics.