Dear Parents,

PICAS Pakistan has prepared E-Learning Resource Packs for its students, so that their valuable time is not wasted during the closure of schools following the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). These resource packs include online resources (practice exercises, educational games and videos, hands-on activities, etc.) and printable worksheets. You are requested to help your child in visiting and learning from the online educational resources and in answering the worksheets.

For your convenience, these E-Learning Resource Packs are now available in printed form (booklet). All students are required to complete the holidays homework given in these booklets, as they will be given marks and promoted to the next grade on the basis of this homework. So, it is essential for every student to have this booklet and complete all the tasks given in it.

You are requested to visit the school and collect this booklet for your child. Before visiting the school, please take an appointment from the administration by calling on this number: 03007292292. Then visit the school at the time that has been appointed for you, taking all precautionary measures for staying safe, like wearing a face mask and gloves, and using a hand sanitizer. It is recommended that only one person per family visit the school, collect the booklet, pay the fees, and leave the school premises as soon as possible. In shaa Allah.

Best regards,

PICAS Pakistan

Cell/WhatsApp: 03007292292

Telephone: 042-37281414, 042-37282323

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