PICAS Pakistan – Day and Boarding School

Our Mission

The mission of PICAS Pakistan is to provide each student diverse education in a safe and supporting environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation and academic excellence along with Islamic values and ethics.

Our System

PICAS Pakistan is an educational institution that benefits from the well-established structure of the British School System. We employ curriculum and teaching methods from internationally recognized educational systems to provide scholastic and life skill input to our students. We look beyond being just an education provider. In fact our institution is a new breed of school that offers a lifestyle which facilitates learning in a natural, interesting and inspiring way and produces high results. Our intensive research in universal education combined with deep understanding of the needs of today’s Pakistani students has produced an exclusive brand of education provider in the form of PICAS Pakistan.

Along with providing high class education, our aim is to equip students with a broad-based knowledge of Islam and enable them to develop a discerning and tolerant outlook towards various points of view. Throughout a child’s academic career, we continuously focus on developing his/her character and personality as well as on inculcating academic excellence in him/her.